The Best Champagnes for Mimosas

the best champagnes for mimosas
When it comes to making a delicious mimosa, champagne is the key. We taste-tested our selection and found the best mimosa champagnes.



Luxury champagnes like Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot are instant crowd pleasers for celebrations and toasts. But if your guests consider themselves champagne connoisseurs, they may be confused when you pull out a bottle of Moet to mix mimosas.

High end champagnes have light delicate bubbles and a clear, refined taste. Fresh orange juice adds citrusy sweetness to create delicious mimosas, but the sugar and acidity in citrus juice can dilute or even drown the refined taste of luxury champagnes. Our advice is to enjoy luxury champagne on its own to truly savor the flavor and finish. Instead, try one of these champagnes to make a delicious mimosa without the hefty price tag. 

Splurge-Worthy Champagne

We know what you’re thinking – we just lectured you on why luxury champagnes are better on their own than in cocktails and now we’re telling you to splurge on champagne. The great news is that “splurging” on the best champagnes for mimosas is much more affordable than “splurging” on the best champagnes. You can impress your guests with delicious mimosas without breaking the bank.

J Vineyards Sparkling Cuvée is an excellent California champagne that begins around $40 a bottle. J Cuvée is crisp and dry with a mousse-like finish and wonderful fizz. The price per bottle varies by the year of production, but for making mimosas, we recommend you stick with the basic Cuvée 20. Another splurge-worthy option is Segura Viudas Brut Heredad Reserva which starts at $30 a bottle. Look for the leaded bottle and pewter design to find this airy, light champagne with floral and lemon notes.

Everyday Champagne

Starting at just $15/bottle, Marqués de Cáceres Spanish Cava makes an absolutely delicious mimosa with a fruity flavor and fine bubbles. New to Cava? Check out our blog post on how cava compares to champagne!

Sweet Champagne

Dry champagnes are a popular choice for mimosas, but sweeter champagnes also mix well with citrusy fruit juices! Ojio Prosecco is a sweet Italian sparkling white wine with crisp melon flavors. Oijo Prosecco is an affordable champagne that averages about $12-$15 a bottle. 

For a nonalcoholic option, try Allendorf Save Water Drink Riesling non-alcoholic sparkling white wine. Mix orange juice with this sweet sparkling wine for a bubbly, alcohol-free mimosa.

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