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Our back room is a huge collection of macabre antiques, vintage oddities, and collectible curios. Read about our best selling antique oddities!



Macabre antiques is a unique art that Bob has developed a passion for pursuing. If you’ve been a long-term Lewisburg resident, you may remember the electric chair and the French guillotine Mary Jane and Bob had in the original Robert’s Antiques shop. When Robert’s Antiques relocated to its current location on main street, Bob brought along the infamous guillotine and his intrigue for vintage oddities. With all the local folklore and complex history, we’ve found that West Virginia certainly offers its share of vintage oddities! Now the entire back room of the antique store is devoted to macabre antiques, vintage oddities, and rare collectibles that speak eeriness itself. To find our collection of macabre antiques, walk through the store to the far back room. There you will find Bob’s Museum of Intrigue and Oddities. We’ve compiled a list of best selling vintage oddities that you can expect to see when you visit.

Vintage Dolls

Who else remembers the beautiful lifelike face of a Marie Osmond doll? Many of us fondly recall the charm of playing with our now-vintage dolls, but public opinion has sensualized an unsettled reaction to antique toys. Even the horror movie genre continues to feed upon the ageless value of lifelike vintage dolls. Personally, we still find our antique dolls as charming as ever! But whether you’re attracted to the charm or the spookiness, we have a variety of vintage dolls eagerly waiting to make your acquaintance. 

Religious Antiques

The juxtaposition of unnerving holiness in antique religious items continues to catch the eye of pop culture and collectors alike. We carry a variety of religious items including church statues, religious texts, gothic sconces and wall lanterns, crucifixes and midcentury modern religious items. Visit our back room to see Bob’s restored Catholic Confessional box and a matching pair of confession booths. 


The market for taxidermy has continued to grow and we are excited about it as your are! We specialize in unique taxidermy mounts. Walk through vintage mazes of our store to find whitetail deer heads, moose heads, an antelope head, and a wild boar head mounted on the walls. In addition to preserved animals, we also carry lifelike animal replicas. As you browse our vintage collections, see if you can spot chickens, roosters, buzzards, and a stone cat.

Whether you’re an experienced collector or just piked an interest in the niche world of macabre antiques, we’d love to help you find new oddities to enhance (or start!) your vintage macabre collection. Visit Robert’s Antiques and browse Bob’s Room of Intrigue and Oddities to let us know what you find most intriguing! 

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