Food Friendly Italian Red Wines

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Pairing food with complex red wines can be tricky, but Chianti is the perfect food friendly Italian red blend.



Pairing wine with meals sometimes seems like second nature. White wine with fish. Red wine with steak. Champagne with breakfast. Rose all day. But pairing the complex flavor and finish of Italian red wines can create an unexpected challenge. Bitter tannins meld beautifully with rich berry flavors in Calabrese. Curry dishes thick with turmeric and coriander create delicious aromas. But do these flavors compliment each other? Or would serving a glass of Calabrese with a bowl of curry be an unpleasant shock to your guests’ tastebuds? 

The easy answer: Chianti. When it comes to pairing elegant red wines with complex meals, Chianti is always a safe choice. Complement your dinner with Chianti’s smooth dark red fruit flavors, subtle spices, berry and herbal aromas, and an acidic finish. Chianti’s versatility makes it a perfect “safe choice” for almost any meal. Its soft flavors and spice pair well with spicy entrees, tomato based pastas, and red meat dishes.

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