Our beer and cider selection includes craft beers from local breweries, rarity brand beers, nonalcoholic beers, and an assortment of specialty sodas. 

Beer and Cider

Craft Beer

We pride ourselves in carrying a variety of popular beer brands, including local West Virginia brewery beers and rarity beers. Big Timber Brewing IPA is one of our best selling beers and a local favorite. 

Hard cider enthusiasts love our selection for the local brand and cider flavor variety! ACE Cider offers tropical and seasonal ciders. For a local cider, check out our selection of Swilled Dog or Hawk Knob Appalachian hand-crafted ciders.

Hard Cider

Specialty Sodas

Specialty sodas include Shirley Temple sodas, ginger beer, and root beer. 

We carry a diverse selection of nonalcoholic craft beers, nonalcoholic stouts, and nonalcoholic lagers. 

Nonalcoholic Beer